The Importance of Stress Management and Relaxation

Stress Management Techniques

Learning stress management and relaxation techniques is important for anyone, no matter what age, what life circumstances they face and what work they do.  Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or someone who works from home there is the added stress of combining both work stress and family stress under the same roof. This can make common stressors like work deadlines and household duties doubly frustrating.

Some of the best stress management techniques to de-stress your life include the following:

Know Your Triggers:

know your triggers of stressBe aware of what situations make you the most stressed, and try to avoid them if you can. When stressful situations occur, try to put them into perspective. Acknowledging that a certain situation is a trigger for you is the first step in learning how to manage your stress.


To put it simply, organize your life in a realistic way. Making lists and de-cluttering your space is the perfect way to remove clutter from your life.


exercise against stressFind time in your schedule for 15 to 30 minutes of exercise each day. This will help you focus your energy and work out your frustration.


Whether you meditate at the beginning or end of your day, it is important to take a few moments for reflection. Setting aside five minutes to sit quietly and think about your goals will make you more relaxed.

The beauty of practicing meditation is that it allows you to "let go" of every day worries and literally "live in the moment."  People who meditate regularly report improvements physically, mentally, and spiritually.

To begin a meditation practice, you will need to find a quiet spot, away from the phone, television, friends, family, and other distractions. There are several different ways to meditate.

meditation techniques

Meditation practices often involve learning chanting, breathing, or mantra techniques. Initially, your mind may wander when you first start meditating. By training your mind to focus on the moment, you will eventually find yourself transformed and feel very peaceful and content. Most experts recommend mediating for about 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Beginners may find it difficult to meditate for this length at first, but don't despair. It will become easier once you are meditating regularly.


Advantages of Stress Management Techniques

  • Health Benefits





    health benefitsReducing stress, by learning to think clearly and focus on your goals, leads to increased energy to do other things that you want to do, and even leads to better sleep.  Other health benefits from stress management can include weight loss, an improved immune system, better blood pressure, overall heart health and better memory.  All of these benefits are great individually, but when combined, they form the best health benefit of all – a longer life.

  • Improved Relationships

When you are stressed, your family feels the effects of that stress, and it is common to take out some of your anger and frustration on your family. Your family can feel like they are walking through a mine field, never knowing when your stress level will trigger an explosion of frustration. If you reduce stress and relax more, you will be happier, and in turn, your family will be happier.

 stress management

No matter what career path you have chosen, knowing the importance of stress management and relaxation techniques is vital. Being able to maintain your stress level not only will improve the quality of your work, but also will improve the quality of your life.

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