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Sleep a Natural Remedy for Panic Attacks

Sleep a Cure for Panic Attacks

Sleep Disorders can be a major contributor to panic attacks.  Lacking in sleep,  panic attacks increase means that you are experiencing panic attacks due to problems with sleep.  If you have been diagnosed or believe that you have a sleep disorder you are more susceptible to panic attacks. 

Sleep Disorder

What happens when you sleep at night is your body has a chance to recuperate after a long day of working.  Your body needs to rest and go through the stages of dreaming so that you body can relax and your mind can sort through the day’s activities.  Many times, you may have noticed that if you have a problem to solve and you get a good night’s sleep, you will either be able to come up with a solution for the problem or feel much better about the situation.  This is because your body and your mind have had some time to collect and organize all the things that were needed to work on the situation.  Without sleep, your body will continue to run without recuperation.  This is why some will say that you are running on empty.  Your body has not been able to refuel after a hard day.  When having problems with sleep, panic attacks can increase.


If you experience a sleep disorder or lack sleep, panic attacks can result.  When you do not sleep enough your body is in constant awake mode and constantly takes in information without being able to catch up.  This information can mount and you will start to feel stressed.  This stress will cause you anxiety which will then keep you from handling situations effectively.  This then causes more stress, more anxiety and a potential panic attack.

When you have problems with sleep, panic attacks can cause insomnia.  If you begin to have panic attacks from the anxiety you experience you will most likely be in a constant level of worry, panic, anxiety which will keep you from sleeping.  So this becomes a cycle of lack of sleep leading to panic attacks which leads to insomnia.

Sleep a Natural Remedy

Sleep is important for everyone. 

We all know how it feels to be without sleep.  We feel edgy, out of control, our emotions run wild and we just can’t handle things as well as we do when we are well rested.  If you are at risk for panic attacks, lack of sleep is even more of a problem.  Whether your panic attacks are caused by sleep problems or your sleep problems cause your panic attacks, you can receive help.  A doctor will be able to determine what exactly is going on with your sleeping. 


Effecting your Sleep

If you are experiencing a sleep disorder, the doctor will be able to refer you to a sleep clinic or prescribe you medication.  If your panic attacks are resulting in sleep disturbance than your panic attacks can be helped with medication or therapy.  Medication will help your anxiety and depression so that you can sleep.  Therapy will help with learning effective ways to handle situations.  Seeking out a healthcare professional will help you sleep better and reduce the amount of panic attacks you experience.


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