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Anxiety and Panic Attacks Causes

Anxiety and panics attacks are one in the same. 

When you experience a panic attack you are experiencing an anxiety attack.  Anxiety and panic attacks will make it difficult for you to live a normal life.  This is especially true if you experience anxiety and panic attacks frequently that could cause you to miss important scheduled activities.  These attacks can prevent you from doing the things you love and enjoy.

Anxiety and Panic attack girl

 Anxiety and Panic Attacks can have no warning

When you start to have an anxiety or panic attack your body responds quickly to the anxiety provoking stimuli.  Something in your environment will spark some fear, worry or anxiety.  For some, panic attacks can have no warning; there may be no stimulus that causes your anxiety.  You may wake up one morning and be afraid or worried for no known reason.  Once you begin to feel these anxiety symptoms, it may be hard for you to control them.  These symptoms start to build to a point where your body feels that it is in danger of some sort of outside situation.  These feelings then cause your body to react physiologically.

 Physiological Reactions 

This means that your body will begin to change from a calm state to a panic state.  You may begin to feel physically ill such as nausea, headaches, hot flashes, chills and other bodily issues.  You may feel as though you are having a heart attack because your heart may begin to beat faster, you will feel tightening in your chest or feel heart palpitations.  You also may feel as though you are having a seizure because if you experience enough anxiety, your body may react with involuntary movements such as twitching, jittering, or the shakes.  These physiological reactions will make it difficult to bring your anxiety level back down.  You may start to feel afraid that a more serious medical problem is occurring which will add to the anxiety you are experiencing.

Giving a friendly hand for anxiety

The reason why your body goes into a physiological response when confronted with anxiety symptoms is because your body will believe that you are in a dangerous situation.  Naturally, your body will try to either fight the dangerous situation or flee from it.  Both of these ways to deal with anxiety producing stimuli involves your body getting ‘worked up’ so that it can be able to step up to battle.  Once the fear or worry subsides, your body will take that cue and return to a stable and calm state.


When you experience anxiety and panic attacks, the psychological and physical symptoms make it difficult for you to drive, leave your house or engage in any activity.  The terror you feel may even temporarily paralyze you so that you are not able to move.  You may feel so sick physically that you will not want to or be able to engage in any activities.  This can cause you much distress especially if you are required to do something or be somewhere. 

Some people who experience anxiety or panic attacks have a hard time going places or doing things because they fear that it will spark an anxiety and panic attack.  This makes life difficult because you can’t live freely and do anything you want to do.  This limits you and can cause problems at work or school.

There is help for those who experience anxiety and panic attacks. 

If you speak to your healthcare professional you can receive an evaluation which will help determine if you need medication.  Some physicians will also refer you to a therapist who will help you control your anxiety levels and help reduce the amount of anxiety and panic attacks you experience.

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