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Natural Remedy for Ailments

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Finding a natural remedy to sickness or an ailment


When looking for a natural remedy use common sense and add a grain of salt to what you may be told. Some people take it to an extreme and think there is a natural remedy for everything. Not true, but if you use common sense you’ll probably find a natural remedy for most ailments. After all, for many hundreds of years there was no such thing as a pharmaceutical industry, and using a natural remedy to cure an illness was the only way an illness could be cured.

The world of the natural remedy is varied and multi faceted. A few examples however are very common and should be known by everyone. For instance, zinc is a great natural remedy for colds. Cranberries are a natural remedy for urinary track infections, especially common for women. Aloe Vera juice applied to cuts and abrasions is a natural remedy that does wonders for healing. Garlic is a natural remedy for heart disease and an immune system strengthening agent. Seeds from the common pumpkin are a natural remedy to rid the body of parasites.

Natural Remedy

Apple cider vinegar is a multifunctional natural remedy for many diseases, and an overall cleanser of the system. St. John’s Wort is a natural remedy for depression symptoms. Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits are full of vitamins and a great natural remedy for the common cold, as is chicken soup. White vinegar is a natural remedy for toe fungus when the feet are soaked in it. Cinnamon is a natural remedy for high blood pressure and much safer than pharmacological solutions. Grape seed is an ancient natural remedy for prostate problems, common in middle aged and older men. Finding a natural remedy is tea is easy. Green tea boosts the immune system, ginger tea aids digestion, and most teas in general help keep the system flushed out and pure. With this entire in mind, it is easy to see that a natural remedy is usually an option for almost any minor health problem.

Natural Remedy That Heal

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10-Herbs That Heal Natural Remedy

10-herbs that heal natural remedy

Cure Anxiety Attacks Natural Remedy



Bach Flower Remedies for Panic Attack

alternative medicine - bach flower remedies Panic and anxiety disorders are generally treated with medication that is taken regularly. While these medications may be effective, many of them are habit forming and cause withdrawal effects when the sufferer chooses to stop. Consequently many sufferers today prefer taking homeopathic remedies. Bach Flower Remedies are one of the homeopathic remedies that can be used for panic attack.. What are Bach Flower Remedies? alternative medicine - bach flower remediesThe original Bach Flower Remedies are a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. Bach more than 80 years ago in England. He came up with 38 remedies which come from the flowering parts of plants, bushes and trees. They are liquid so that you can mix them together, which gives a 293 million possible combination, enough to treat every possible negative mental state. How Do Bach Remedies Work? Put simply, Bach Flower Remedies are medicines used to balance negative mental states and emotions. Each remedy treats a specific negative emotional state (eg fear, worry, hatred and indecision) by encouraging the equivalent positive quality that lies dormant within us.  This allows peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself. Can You Take Anxiety Medications WithThis Alternative Medicine? Bach Remedies are designed to be safe and can be used with medications.  However, a word of warning – always check with your medical practitioner before you stop your medication.  At times, you may experience withdrawal symptoms and your panic symptoms may be worse. Do Bach Flower Remedies have any Side Effects? The Bach Flower Remedies are 100% safe with no side effects. Unlike many medications, when you feel fine again, you can stop taking the remedies and you will remain fine. Because they work very gently, they slowly unpeel the emotional layers one at a time. Who ProvidesThese Natural Remedies?
Bach Flower remedies may be used by homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, herbalists, and Bach flower practitioners. Consumers can buy Bach remedies at health food stores and online.

Are There Bach Remedies for Panic Attack?

alternative medicine - bach flower remediesFind a trained Bach Remedy consultant who will need to know which particular emotional state you are trying to treatIn the case of panic or anxiety symptoms, try these Bach Flower Remedies:

  • Mimulus: Fear of anything you can put a name on: Fear of dying, being alone, spiders, losing a job, not be able to pay your bills, fear of flying, fear of a panic attack, fear of small places  etc.
  • Aspen: Fear of the unknown, fear that something bad is going to happen but you cannot put a name on it.
  • Red Chestnut: Fear that something bad is going to happen to your loved ones.
  • Rock Rose: Frozen fear, terror, and the deer in the headlight type of fear.
  • Cherry Plum: Fear that you may lose control on yourself, explosive anger, the feeling you wish to hurt yourself or others.
  • Elm: If you feel overwhelmed, too much to do, not enough time.
  • White Chestnut: If you have repeated unwanted thoughts or worries.

How are Bach Remedies Prepared? These remedies are made 100% naturally from spring water infused with wild flowers. The recommendation for every day purposes is to take no more than six or seven remedies at the same time.   You can use one of two basic methods when you want to mix them.

  • For passing moods: select ones you want to take, than in a glass of water add two drops of each remedy. Sip from the glass at intervals until the mood has passed. In an emergency you might take a sip every few seconds and later a couple of sips during the evening.
  • For long term problems: you can use a glass of water method. Make up a fresh glass each morning. Sip from the glass four times a day – in the morning, in the evening and two more times during the day.

You can also make up a treatment bottle. In an empty 30 ml or 1 oz dropper bottle put two drops of each selected remedy, than top the bottle with non-fizzy bottled mineral water. As a preservative, you may choose to add 1 teaspoon of brandy, or for alcohol-free, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerine. Shake the contents a little bit. Take four drops directly on the tongue at least four times a day. Four drops are the minimum dose. If you take less it reduces the effectiveness of the remedies. A 30 ml treatment bottle will last up to three weeks. alternative medicine - bach flower remediesThe best known flower remedy product is the Rescue Remedy combination, which contains an equal amount each of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum remedies. The product is aimed at treating stress, anxiety, and panic attacks especially in emergencies. While Bach Remedies are safe to use, there is not sufficient evidence to prove their effect.  However, if the act of selecting and taking a remedy as well as litening to a practitioner helps ease your emotional state, then bach remedies cannot do you any harm.                                                            

Are Natural Remedies a Pill for Every ill?

The Truth About Natural Remedies

Can we be confident that natural remedies sold in pharmacies, supermarkets or health food stores can back up evidence to support their claims.  Generally speaking when we are looking at natural remedies for “depression” we also need to have evidence to prove the products’ claims.

Unfortunately, when you look at labels on many depression products, many do not mention the word “depression”. Some products list symptoms linked to depression for which the product may be a useful remedy, such as “low mood”, and “feelings of sadness and/or tearfulness”.

the truth about natural therapies

Making a claim about testing or managing depression would be considered very strong and would need to have the highest level of evidence from clinical studies.

Many times this would involve considerable trouble and expense, and often from the company’s point of view, unnecessary.  This is particularly so for many products where the benefits are widely known and consequently the company involved does not bother going to the extra expense.  For example, St John’s Wort is commonly known as a natural treatment for anxiety symptoms.

Is there a Need for Tighter Legislation for Natural Remedies?

Unlike conventional medicine, complementary medicines have not traditionally been subjected to the same level of pre-market evaluation for effectiveness. The same holds true for post-market surveillance.  This generally occurs randomly or when there is a problem with either a product or a manufacturer.

Could it be said that this lack of transparency would be unacceptable from manufacturers of conventional medicines?  Could it be said, that if pharmaceutical companies were to deliberately withhold research findings and a serious health problem occurred, the company, when discovered would be financially ruined.

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Scandal of the Thalidomide Drug –  Could this Occur With Natural Remedies 

Thalidomide first entered the German market in 1957 as an over-the-counter remedy as a sedative to cure anxiety and insomnia.  It was advertised as ‘completely safe’ for everyone, including mothers, children and ‘even pregnancy’.  Doctors discovered that it helped morning sickness and started recommending its use to pregnant mothers.

In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s more than 10,000 infants in 46 countries were born with malformation of the limbs, 40% of these children surviving.  The drug was finally banned in 1962.  Consequently, a massive compensation payout by the company to the individuals followed.

At the time clinical trials did not require FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approval. This tragedy helped develop great changes in the FDA.   Today legislation has tightened the restrictions and approval for drugs sold in the US.  Drug manufacturers now had to prove that they were both safe and effective before they were on the shelves.

Today drug approval can take between eight and twelve years, involving animal testing and tightly regulated human trials, although some argue that human testing is inadequate.

animal testing for drugs

In 2004 the drug company Merck recalled the pain reliever Vioxx from the market because it was found to increase the risk of blood clots in patients.  While evidence predicted these effects in 1996, the company chose not to conduct human trials on the drug because animal tests supported its safety.  Because Vioxx remained on the market it is estimated that as many as 27,000 patients may have died.

A Need For Regulation in Natural Remedies is Essential

This is necessary if we do not want to see a repeat of these tragedies. In Australia the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) requires sponsors of listed medicines, including alternativel medicine, to hold evidence for claims and indications they make about their products.  However, these companies have not actually had to produce it until someone asks.

Unfortunately the regulatory system is failing to adequately protect consumers.  This also means that it also is failing to assist those companies who follow the correct guidelines.

Because I am a passionate believer in what natural therapies can do for your health, it is unfortunate that if natural alternative medicine is going to be taken seriously in the community, there needs to be proper, strict guidelines for genuine evidence.

.natural remedies

Any substantial claims should be backed up with good quality scientific evidence based on clinical trials showing the product’s effectiveness. Regulations need to be strictly enforced so consumers know that we are buying natural remedies that are worth the money and cure what they say.  We indeed do not want to see a repeat of the 1960’s Thalidomide tragedy, but this time, in the alternativel medicine market.